BaseBites Users or Customers Agreement and Policies

Effective: January 01, 2022 (Version 1)

This Users or Customers Agreement is a part of BaseBites’ Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) and is incorporated therein by this reference. By using and accessing our Platform and requesting Delivery Services, each User or Customer agrees, represents, warrants, acknowledges and agrees that:

User or Customer is at least eighteen (18) years of age and has all right and authority to lawfully use the Services or otherwise has the full right and authority to contract for the Gig and send all items contained in a Gig.

User or Customer will specifically list, photograph and disclose to the Driver or Dasher, prior to the Driver or Dasher accepting the Gig, all items included in the Gig will not include in any Gig any “Prohibited Items” as listed in the Terms, whether consented to by a Driver or Dasher or not. User or Customer acknowledges and agrees that BaseBites is not responsible for the contents or loss of any Prohibited Item. BaseBites reserves the right to dispose of the Prohibited Item in its sole discretion and reserves all rights to instruct its Drivers or Dashers on how to dispose of the Prohibited Item, including delivery to the proper authorities. User or Customer acknowledges and agrees to BaseBites’ Open Box Policy and will allow a Driver or Dasher to visually inspect all items in a Gig prior to departing with the Gig.

User or Customer has the responsibility to pack all items in a Gig sufficiently to withstand transport, based on the item’s level of risk or fragility, in order to ensure A) the safety and integrity of the item and B) compliance with all applicable laws. User or Customer acknowledges and agrees that the BaseBites Protection Plan does NOT cover reimbursement for any loss or damage to any Gig resulting from (1) any breach of this Agreement or the Terms; (2) sending any items on the “Prohibited Items” list; or (3) inadequate packaging.

User or Customer acknowledges and agrees that BaseBites’ maximum liability under the BaseBites Protection Plan is $100 per Gig.

User or Customer will only contract for or arrange a Gig (or other similar services) with a Driver or Dasher through the BaseBites Platform and will not knowingly engage a Driver or Dasher who has delivered a Gig for User or Customer prior to perform Delivery Services outside of the BaseBites Platform. Users or Customers shall not enter any personal information into the title of a Gig, including phone numbers or addresses. All personal information should be entered in the appropriate sections indicated in the App.

User or Customer will not discriminate or harass anyone on the basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age or sexual orientation.