BaseBites Return Policy


Effective: January 01, 2022 (Version 1)

Our Return Policy applies to all platforms and services BaseBites offers, including our website,, and mobile applications (collectively “Services”) and applies the same to all users, whether you are a driver who picks-up, carries or drops-off goods (“Driver”), someone using our Services to send goods with a Driver (“Sender”), the recipient of goods (“Recipient”) or someone who signs-up to potentially use our Services (collectively, “Users”).

Undelivered orders and refunds

The following are scenarios that may be eligible for refund:

  • late delivery,

  • missing deliveries,

  • missing returns.

In order to ensure quick resolution to undelivered orders, customers must submit a refund request within 7 days of the order’s completion in order to be eligible for approval. Refunds will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Handling of undeliverable orders

Once the dasher arrives at the drop-off location and is unable to deliver, the following actions may take place:

  • Discard items

  • Leave items at door (Dasher required to upload photo proof of delivery in-app; note: any delivery requiring signature, age verification, or return when customer is not available at drop-off cannot be left at the door.)

  • Return items to pickup location (incurs an additional delivery fee to the customer)

  • If signature is required at drop-off but the customer is not available to provide one, dasher will either be directed to discard items or return items to pickup location incurs an additional delivery fee to the customer)

If a customer is not available at the drop-off location within at least 8 minutes of the dasher arrival, it will be determined as a circumstance a dasher is unable to complete a delivery. Orders that are undeliverable due to any of the above circumstances will not be eligible for refund.