Effective: January 01, 2022 (Version 1)

About BaseBites

BaseBites and More started with a simple conversation between a Father (John) and a Daughter (Caroline) about how she was bummed she could not get deliveries on base at the military installation she and her husband (Erik the Air Force pilot) were assigned to in Enid, OK.

After a couple of sleepless nights trying to figure out a solution, John asked one of his best basketball buddies and Senior Quality Assurance Software Engineer (Joe, originally from Kenya) if he would be interested in tackling the app with him. They added another brilliant developer (Sami from Uganda) to the team and bam! Here we are today!

What is BaseBites?

We are a military owned company dedicated in employing military families and giving them an opportunity to earn extra income by serving their military family and other military families via our delivery platform, which provides flexibility in same-day delivery of food and goods of any size to majority of the all the military families household living on military bases around the U.S. Our outreach program will strive to give back to military families in a big way! We could not be more excited to see how many people around the world that this service eventually serves. We thank ALL of our military stakeholders and know that we are proud to be serving along side you in a very small way!

Join our growing team today!

Becoming a BaseBite team member will allow you to be part of an initiative that will help many military families by providing them with convenience and supplementing your income, which will help your family and other military in easing their daily burden. Our team is passionate in solving challenges brought upon an industry that changes every day. We will smartly work together to deliver orders faster and maintain sustainability throughout the delivery process.